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In Memory

Unfortunately some former employees of BIA (MarkII) are no longer with us. A tribute to some of those who are known to have passed away over the years are given here. Sadly there will probably be more and anyone who can provide information on those no longer with us can do so by e-mailing here:


Alan Tyler

Alan was a Captain on the BAC 1-11 and left BIA in 1989 just a few months before the company ceased trading. He subsequently joined Air Europe flying the Fokker 100 and was still employed by Air Europe when the company folded in March 1991. Alan was always an enthusiastic character who many will remember had a deep interest in railways. Alan died in tragic circumstances during the early part of 1992.

Dave Osgood

Dave was a Captain on BAC 1-11 and had to retire from BIA in 1987 on reaching the age of 60 which at the time was the age limit for flying commercial aircraft of that size. He subsequently joined Connectair flying the Shorts 330 and 360 and retired form Connectair in the early 1990s. Dave always had an amusing story to hand coupled with a wonderful sense of humour and those who worked with him remember the occasions with fond memories.

Keith Warden

Keith was the MD-83 Fleet Manager at the time BIA ceased trading. He went on to join Airtours in 1991 as Chief Training Captain on the companies initial fleet of MD-83s. Keith was eventually struck down with serious illness which sadly led to him passing away.

John Rose

John was a Captain on the MD-83 when BIA ceased trading and it is understood he finished his career flying the BAC 1-11 for British World Airlines. John died in August 2008 after a long illness.

Gerry Crumbie

Gerry was the BAC 1-11 Fleet Manager and after the collapse of BIA he moved on to Air Europe where he flew the Fokker 100. In later years Gerry was employed by Excel Airways flying the Boeing 737. Gerry enjoyed the world of aviation and sadly passed away in September 2008.

Roy Heath

Roy was a Captain on the BAC 1-11 as well as Marketing Director for the company. Roy passed away in September 2011 after a long illness.

John Morris

John was a Captain on the BAC1-11 until leaving to take up a similar position with Mediterranean Express in 1987. In later years John worked for Cabair at Cranfield. John sadly passed away in the summer of 2012.

Ray Burtenshaw

Ray was a Captain on the BAC 1-11 and after the company folded went to work for British World Airlines and then Excel Airways where he was a Training Captain on the Boeing 737. Ray was always a pleasure to work with and sadly passed away in October 2012 after suffering a fall at home.

Sheilagh Trinder

Sheilagh was a very well respected Cabin Crew member and had left the company before it collapsed in 1990. Sadly Sheilagh passed away some years ago but little is known of her life after BIA.

John Grzegorzek

John worked in ground operations for BIA having worked for the original BIA previously. He left the organisation in the spring of 1988 to become a publican in West Sussex. John lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on the 4th March 2015 less than two months after attending the BIA 25 year reunion.

Linda Wooldridge

Linda Wooldridge will be remembered by many as Linda Bond in her days with BIA where she worked in the Cabin Crew Management team. Eventually settling in Wiltshire with her husband Ian, Linda had endured a long and brave battle with cancer but sadly passed away on the 16th March 2015 at just 57 years of age.

Martin Cass

Martin joined BIA having previously instructed at Shoreham airfield and was flying the MD-83 when the company ceased trading in 1990. From there he moved on to British World Airlines and was to suffer a similar fate when they too ceased trading in December 2001. That unfortunately was to signal the end of Martins flying career but he intially continued to make a living cleaning aircraft before eventually joing ICTS at Gatwick. It was at ICTS where Martin was to finish his career working remarkably until he was 73 before subsequently retiring. Martin also wrote several aviation related books including VOR ADF, The Pilot In Command and Skytalk.Having suffered a long battle with Myasthenia and Polyarteritis Martin passed away peacefully on the 8th April 2017.